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Cable Assemblies

Cable Accessories, Wiring Accessories

Plastic Wiring Accessories for Cable Management:

cable ties
self-locking nylon cable tie

push mount cable tie

double locking, mountable head cable tie

releasable cable tie

marker, bead, knot cable tie

magic, wing-lock cable tie, acetal strap & roll

cable tie guns

cable tie holder

stainless steel cable ties

stainless steel cable tie

stainless steel cable tie polyester coated (plastic sprayed)

stainless steel cable tie PVC coated (plastic covered)

stainless steel cable tie PPA coated

stainless steel releasable cable tie

stainless steel ladder cable tie

stainless steel semi-coated cable tie

stainless steel spring uncoated cable tie

stainless steel tongue head cable tie

stainless steel double wrap cable tie

stainless steel 360 degree seal cable tie

stainless steel cable tie strap, roll, plate

stainless steel cable tie fastener/tools, buckle, accessories

stainless steel tags / marker plate / cable tag

cable cleat

flame retartant protective coloth for ship/shipyard

cable clips
circle nail cable clip

flat, coaxial nail cable clip

U-type, telephone wire cable clip

double nail flat cable clip

cable glands

nylon cable gland

bend proof and cable glands accessories

brass cable gland

brass cable gland (EMC)

brass cable gland (flat hole)

brass cable gland (multi-hole)

brass cable gland (explosion-proof)

terminal blocks and strips

terminal block

terminals, lugs and connectors

cable lug / copper tube terminal

insulated & non-insulated spade terminal

insulated & non-insulated ring terminal

insulated & non-insulated pin terminal

insulated & non-insulated butt connector

insulated male & female disconnects

insulated male & female bullet disconnects

insulated fully vinyl & piggy back disconnects

insulated cord end terminal

crewel tube & tube naked terminal

long full insulating middle joint

male & female fully insulation joint

open barrel terminal

terminals and lugs crimping tools

electrical crimper, air-driven cable pressor

wiring accessories

wire connector

quick wire connector

vinyl wire end caps

cable clamp

tie mounts

expansion plug, plastic anchor

cable markers

spiral wrapping bands & wire joints

PVC electrical insulation tape

conduits and ducts and tubing

rigid conduit and fitting for ELECTRICAL

(PVC conduit & fittings AS2053, UK/BS, ASTM/UL standards)

(solid conduit & solid conduit fittings)

rigid conduit and fitting for WATER drainage and supplying

ripple conduit (Corrugated Conduit, flexible conduit)

ripple conduit connector

(Corrugated Conduit fittings, flexibel conduit fittings)

heat shrinkable tubing

heat shrinkable sleeve

environment-friendly heat shrinkable tubing

non-shrinkable tubing

wiring ducts, flat trunking

silicon tubing

silicon wire

PTFE tubing

Telecom Wireless Communicaton Accessories

Communications Components

Cable Assemblies

Feeder Clamp, Cable Clamp, Coax Blocks

feeder clamp

Cabling Accessories

gel seal enclosure, waterproofing enclosure, feeder protection box

hanger and adapter (snap in hangers, standoff adapter and bracket, angle adapter)

rubber grommets, barrel cushions

hoisting grip

Cable Entry, Wall Entry Panels, Boots

cable entry

cable entry boot assemblies

sealing moulds

Hose Clamp

hose clamp

Grounding Kits

grounding kits

waterproofing kits

Grounding Bar

grounding bar

Hardware Assemblies

telecom hardware assemblies

RF Connector

N connector

DIN 7/16 connector


RF Jumper Cable

RF jumper cable

Optical Fiber Cable

Central core tube type optical cable
Loose Tubes Stranding Type cable
ADSS optical cable, nonmetallic optical cable

Australian Electrical Products

AS/NZ standard products

rigid conduit and fitting for ELECTRICAL

(PVC conduit & fittings AS2053 standard)

weatherproof isolating switch, power point socket

distribution box, cable box, consumer units

distribution power box

active link, nuetral link, junction box, terminal box

wall switch & sockets

metal bracket, main power accessories

industrial plugs&sockets

residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)

residual current circuit breaker with over current protection (RCBO)

Low-Voltage Apparatus
Circuit Breaker

miniature circuit breaker (MCB)

residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)

residual current circuit breaker with over current protection (RCBO)

electric bell and bell transformer

surge protective device (surge protector)

modular signal lamp


weatherproof isolating switch

molded case circuit breaker (MCCB)

circuit breaker busbar

distribution box & consumer units

DIN rail (with high quality)      (PDF file)



Thermal Overload Relay

thermal overload relay

Motor Starter

motor starter

motor starter NS2 series (PDF file)

motor protection circuit breaker

Contact Element

electrical contact element/silver contact

Insulator, Electrical Insulator


Industrial Automation

Push Button Switches

pushbutton switch

new design pushbutton switch


electronic timing relay

time relay

general purpose relay

relay socket

PCB relay

power relay

automobile relay

home air-conditioning relay

rev. protection relay

floatless relay / liquid level switch(controller)

Timer Switch and Timer

programmable timer switch


Industrial Tachometer

industrial tachometer

Panel Meter

digital panel meter




inductive proximity switch

connector proximity switch & connector

special proximity switch

safety explosion-proof proximity switch

capacitive proximity switch

JWK series proximity switch

photoelectric sensor / photo sensor

hall effect sensor

inductive linear sensor

mirror reflector plate

Power Supply

Switching power supply

AC-DC single output

AC-DC dual output

AC-DC triple output

AC-DC quad output

DIN-rail power supply

LED driver, LED power supply

single output with battery charger

40W   55W   100W   155W  (PDF file)

Meters and Instruments

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