LQW type SS cable tie tool                   OA type SS cable tie tool




The LQA is for coating cable tie width 7.6/8mm-15/16mm,  the LQG is for cable tie width below 7.6/8mm, the LQW is for cable tie width 4.6/5mm, the LQN is for cable tie bands width 10-20mm.



buckle R type for Stainless steel Strapping/Band, Strap Roll

R type buckle size


buckle LY type for Stainless steel Strap Roll SST-SSY

LY type buckle size


Other shape or size of hasp/buckle/clip are available upon design.


What we name it:

stainless steel buckle, stainless steel clip, stainless steel hasp, stainless steel scutcheon