Sealing Modules

(Sealing modules, adjustable diameter blocks, centre plugs)

Sealing modules (Adjustable diameter blocks with centre plugs) consist of two halves, it has removable layers and a center core. It can seal your optic cables perfectly by peeling layers from the module halves to fit your cable. With the help of this technology, you can forget about the different cable dia.

Sealing Modules (For Adjustable type cable entry)

  Dimension Range Dimension Range
  20x 20 x30mm 4.5mm to 14mm 20x 20 x60 mm 4.5mm to 14mm
  30x 30 x30mm 10mm to 25mm 30x 30 x60 mm  10mm to 25mm
  40x 40 x30 mm 21.5mm to 34.5mm 40x 40 x60 mm  21.5mm to 34.5mm
  60x 60 x30mm 28mm to 54mm 60x 60 x60 mm 28mm to 54mm
  90x 90 x30mm 48mm to 71mm 90x 90 x60 mm   48mm to 71mm