Optical Fiber Cable

 Loose Tubes Stranding Type Optical Fiber Cable


Structure: Strengthening of the Centre for wire, or fiber loose-tube PBT may have filled rope around the outside package, the cable core filled ointment, with water blocking vertical packages, PE layer of protection.
(The main mechanical properties):
Fiber  Fiber Number: Fiber Core


Core Number (Max) Outer diameter(±0.5mm)

Weigh (Kg/Km)

Minimum tensile strength (N) Crushing (Min) (N/100mm)
GYTY 2-36 Core 2-30 5 6 9.2 85 600/1500 300/1000
GYTY 38-60 Core 38-60 5 12 10.2 100 600/1500 300/1000
GYTY 62-72Core 62-72 6 12 11 110 600/1500 300/1000
GYTY 74-96 Core 74-96 8 12 14 130 600/1500 300/1000
(Laying mode): (Duct, Aerial)
(operating temperature): -40℃~+60
Application: Long distance and interoffice communication
(Features): 1.Reasonable design and precise control over the loose-tube fiber in the remainder of a long, fiber optic cable with excellent performance and temperature tensile properties.
2.Core cable filled ointment to ensure that the vertical water blocking effect.
3.Loose-tube (filled with rope) to strengthen the focus on the central pieces of SZ-cutter.
4.Smooth, cable fiber optic cable installation process can be very small coefficient of friction.