Optical Fiber Cable

Central core tube-type optical fiber cable


Structure: PBT for the middle-casing filled with water blocking cable paste, packets around 12 (or 10 or 8) round wire strands uniform, vertical packages, nonwovens and PE jacket, outsourcing steel-plastic (PSP) composite tape Armored wrinkles, and PE jacket.
 (Quantity of fibers): 2~12
 (Looae tube): 2.03.0
(Outer PE jacket): 1.82.5
 (outer diameter) (mm):10.5
 (approximated cable weight) (kg/km): 130
 (Laying mode): (Duct, Aerial)
 (operating temperature): -40℃~+60
Application: Apply to long-distance communication and the communication between
  (Features): 1 .Reasonable design and precise control over the loose-tube fiber in the remainder of a long, fiber optic cable with excellent performance and temperature tensile properties.
2 .Compact, so that the cable is well-positioned to bending performance.
3 .Wire-side pressure Armored excellent performance, and a bullet-proof capability.
4 .Double coated strip tide, and has lateral pressure.
 (The main mechanical properties):  (Allow tensile force) (N)  (short-term) 1500
 (long-term) 1000
 (Allow squash Force)  (N/100mm)  (short-term) 3000
 (long-term) 1000
(min bend radius) (D:mm)  (Static) 10D
 (Dynamic) 20D