Optical Fiber Cable

Central core tube-type optical fiber cable


• Low attenuation and dispersion, special control of exceed length ensure the good transmission performance in varying environment.
• Excellent mechanical performance    
• Good flexibility and bending performance    
Application :    
• Suitable for LAN and trans-area communication
• By aerial    
Technical parameter:    
Fiber count(core) 212
Outer diameter(±0.5mm) 6.6/8.2 7.0/8.6
Weight (Kg/Km) 5065
Minimum tensile strength (N) Short-term 1500
Long-term 600
Crushing (Min) (N/100mm) Short-term 1000
Long-term 300
Bending radius Static :10 times of diameter  Dynamic:20 times of diameter
Standard length for delivery (Km) 26
Temperature range(0C) 40 ~ +60