Optical Fiber Cable

Central core tube-type optical fiber cable



The unique extruding technology provides the fibers in the tube with good flexible and bending endurance. 
The unique fiber excess length control method provides the cable with excellent mechanical and environmental properties.
Double-sided PE corrugated steel tape armored. Parallel double steel wire as strength member.
Multiple water-blocking materials filling provides dual water-blocking function.
Compact structure, lightweight and good crushes resistance.
• By duct, aerial and direct burial    
Technical parameter:    
Fiber count(core)
Outer diameter(±0.5mm) 7.8
Weight (Kg/Km) 85
Minimum tensile strength (N) Short-term 1500
Long-term 600
Crushing (Min) (N/100mm) Short-term 1000
Long-term 300
Bending radius Static: 10 times of diameter
Dynamic: 20 times of diameter
Temperature range(0C) 40~+60